The Actor’s Prayer

Anne DeAcetis
2 min readFeb 16, 2015

O Lord,
Please save me from bullshit,
From creeping fears that I suck,
And from the memory of my poor mother’s face
When I told her I wanted to be an actor.

O God,
Let it not be visited upon me
The director who thinks all actors are a little stupid,
The person in the second row who falls asleep,
Or influenza on opening night.

Let me be patient with assumptions about my endless partying
When I can’t afford rice.

Grant me insight.
Guide me on a path out of my own way for five fucking minutes
(Excuse me, Lord),
Let me discover something I couldn’t possibly have planned.
Help me acknowledge the truth of each role in myself,
And give me strength to reach beyond me.

Grant me this occasional grace.

For I vote,
I have protested against wars,
I recycle,
I am not a floozy,
And I have creeping hopes that I am good.

For at the end of life I may have many regrets,
But I cannot regret wanting to understand other people,
Because I don’t understand the world,
And because life is confusing and painful,
And playing a role is the closest I come to understanding.

Hold this heart open.

Just in moments,
O God,
Grant me peace
With my life.

Anne DeAcetis